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Learn more about where proceeds from your Sphyrnas purchase go!

We are excited to support these amazing organizations in their mission to conserve, protect, and save sharks with us:

Shark Allies

Venice, California, USA

Shark Allies is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization originally established in 2007 in Hawaii and incorporated in California in 2014


Shark Allies is dedicated to the protection and conservation of sharks and rays. Their focus is on taking action, on raising awareness and guiding initiatives that reduce the destructive overfishing of sharks on a global scale.

Sharks are not the most popular animal in the ocean, and that is reflected in the lack of attention their plight is receiving. The killing of millions of sharks stays under the radar, while news of one shark attack hits the news on a global level. Because there are so many urgent problems that need to be dealt with, sharks are under-represented even within the ocean conservation world. Non-profits divide and conquer issues, focusing on small niches of specialty with hopes that the combined efforts result in stronger, healthier oceans. While some focus on plastics pollution, climate change, or on saving marine mammals, Shark Allies represent sharks and rays exclusively.

Follow Shark Allies to learn more and join in to save sharks!

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American Shark Conservancy 

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

The American Shark Conservancy (ASC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks and rays, increasing awareness and understanding of our oceans, through research and education. The ASC was founded in 2014 by Hannah Medd, a marine biologist with a focus on science-based conservation and communication regarding sharks and rays.


Follow ASC to learn more and join in to save sharks!

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Dania Beach, FL

 The goal of Sharks4Kids is to create a new generation of shark advocates through access to a dynamic range of educational materials. Curriculum, games and activities will allow teachers to integrate shark education into their science programs on an introductory, intermediate or advanced level. Students can access games, activities and info sheets to satisfy their own curiosity about sharks. Photos and videos from scientists and conservationists bring an exciting element into the classroom and show students the beauty of the ocean.

The Sharks4Kids team brings together scientists, educators, conservationists and professional videographers to create a unique opportunity for the next generation to learn why sharks need kids and kids need sharks.

Follow Sharks4Kids to learn more and join in to save sharks!

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