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 To inspire shark conservation and educational outreach through design and activism.

Sphyrnas was created to inform, engage, and compel folks to take action in improving our ocean ecosystems through our one-of-a-kind designs.  A deep passion for nature drives everything we do- every stitch, every cut, each fold and handwritten thank you note is made to stand out from the rest. 


What's with the Name?

SPHYRNA, from the Greek "Hammer", is the genus of Hammerhead Sharks, the earliest first recorded in the 1700s.  We’re here to be as different as the hammerheads we so adore with unique designs and handmade goods.

How do we help save sharks?

We partner with shark conservation and research organizations to help bring about a brighter future for sharks and our oceans. In addition to our monetary or product donations, our designs are fighting back against the harmful stigma surrounding sharks- we are spreading  shark love, not fear.

We aren't just another clothing brand, we work hard to provide helpful resources, share shark knowledge, fun facts and amplify ways to take direct action via our social platforms and Shark Blog.
E-meet our 'Shark Partners' 
here! Follow along with them on social media for more information on their shark-saving efforts. 

Higher Standards

We want to empower people to explore and conserve our shared natural world.  Caring about where and who makes our clothes is vital to accomplishing our goals in creating shark styles that are actually sustainable and making a real difference for not only sharks but fellow human beings.


  We place the upmost importance on our environmental impact as well as striving to be apart of a global solution.  We partner with manufactures that place the same level of importance on sustainability and ethicality as we do! Check out our products for details on what and how it's specifically made.


We're also a proud member of the Noissue Eco-Alliance, utilizing recycled or compostable mailers!


“The goal is to make shark conservation more

approachable- to encourage people to look

beyond their 'monster' stigma and see sharks

as the vital parts of the ocean they are. 


Sphyrnas is as much about bringing awareness to

sustainability and environmental justice issues as

it is establishing a positive interest in sharks.


I believe change starts with one person. If I can inspire

someone to learn more about sharks or to take a more

active role in protecting our oceans- you can too!"



How I Got Started:
The Impact Of Sustainable Packaging


Featured Story Time:
Cari Johnson




Spearheading Shark Conservation One Product At A Time


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